THE SHORTWAVE SET band is one of the bands that have their own success and established their own set of music style. They are composed of three members which are David Farrell in the decks and also sample role in the band. Ulrika Bjorsne and  Andrew Pettitt is the same with the role of vocals and also on the guitar. this band members formed their group in the year of 2003 in the city of London. Additional information is that the member Ulrika Bjorsne is from Sweden in the southern part.

The band has their own tour together with Rilo Kiley, Gnarls Barkley, Goldfrapp, and Spiritualized. They also have released two albums with the title The Debt Collection in the year of 2005 as their first album. the second is Replica Sun Machine which is released in the year of 2008. They also have their singles having the title which is released in 2005 titled Slingshot and Is It Any Wonder. In the year 2006, they have Repeat To Fade and Casual Use. During 2008 they have Now Til ’69, No Social, Glitches N Bugs.

This group may not have obtained the international fame that others have attained but they have their own success. Even if many musicians and band that have come from the British empire that is known worldwide but they have their own already that makes them appreciated and loved by their fans. One of there song Harmonia has been used in the Ghost Whisperer. That is amazing as one that appreciates this band.